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31.07.18 Venla's puppies are here!

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Tuuli Viitamaa
inyetis at gmail dot com
Whyalla, South Australia

Welcome to the website of Kennel Inyeti's! We breed boxers and ridgebacks on a very small scale. I have passed the breeder's basiccourse and ring secretarian course arranged by Finnish Kennel Club. My breeder's prefix, Inyeti's, was accepted by FCI in spring 2009. I moved to Australia with my ridgebacks in September 2013. The breeders prefix Inyetis was accepted by the ANKC in March 2018 (so we lost the apostrophe in the move! lol)

My dream of a dog came true in 1997, when my mother bought our family's first dog, boxer Alli. Alli was my first "guinea pig" of training. I like working with dogs, so I have trained our dogs in many different sports. I have done searching, tracking and messaging, obedience, agility and shows with almost all of our dogs. I have also tried blood tracking and racing/lure coursing. I have always loves shows, and I've always handled all of our dogs in the ring. I competed in junior handler a few times and shown dogs for other people, for some reason most of them have been labradors. At the moment, we are most active in showing.

My first Rhodesian Ridgeback was from Norway. He was called Senna. Senna came to Finland in 1.9.2001, a few months after we had moved back to Finland. We trained blood tracking, obedience and agility with Senna. We also tried searching, but I found out that this was not the right sport for him. He simply couldn't have cared less, if there was someone lost in the woods (why didn't they have a map and a compass anyway?!), he was only interested in the treats that the person had. In the beginning, it seemed that everything was going well, but if there was no treats, there was nothing worth looking for. We quit training it and concentrated on sports that Senna liked more. We also went to shows, but we didn't have any expectations. Senna was supposed to go back to Vibeke in Norway, but after she got back home, she gave me my best Christmas present and gave Senna to me.

After Senna passed away in 21.3.2005 I started looking for a new dog. I was certain that I didn't want another ridgeback. I was interested in many breeds: Miniature Poodle, Border Terrier, Dalmatian, Boxer, Cocker Spaniel... But once you have had a ridgeback, you always want a ridgeback. I found myself looking at ridgeback-litters more and more often, and in the end, Inka moved to the family.

Senna made me fall in love with ridgebacks, and Inka has finished the job. I fell in love with the amazing personality of the breed. A ridgeback should be brave but reserved, and never shy or aggressive. I value the intelligence, self-condidence and loyality of the breed. And the best thing is, that the breed is healthy in general. And with all this, comes the great look. Our dogs have been blessed with amazing sense of situations. They always know, when it is serious and when it is appropriate to be a clown. Both have also shown this sense in warning me only when there's a real threat, they never bark at for example joggers or old people with bad legs or back.

I wish to breed dogs, that are great to be around, dogs without any health- or behaviour issues. My ideal dog is a dog that is healthy in and out, mentally and physically. It has a temperament that is typical for the breed, without any signs of shyness. It also has a typical conformation. Even though Rhodesian Ridgeback cannot be considered an endangered breed, I consider important to maintain the genetic diversity in the breed.

© Kennel Inyeti's  © Kennel Inyeti's  © Kennel Inyeti's

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