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D.O.B. 15.09.2010
COI: 0,73% (6 generations)
Sire: EE JCh VPG1 ZTP AD BH Ferdinand von Inis Vitrin
Dam: Bh Moonraker Hurrjanhyvä

Pedigree of the litter

There are 4 males and 3 females in the litter. 2 males are monorchids. No kink tails or other faults.
The puppies have moved to their new homes.

Pentue viikon ikäisenä

Name Hips Elbows Spine Heart
M Inyeti's Alnus Incana B/C 0/0 SP0 No murmur
M Inyeti's Adonis Vernalis A/A 0/0 SP0 (2 years old)
SP1, LTV1, VA0 (5 years old)
No murmur Knees 0/0, Distichiasis, ectropion
M Inyeti's Abies Grandis B/A 0/0 SP0 cryptorchid
M Inyeti's Amaranthus B/C 0/0 SP0 No murmur cryptorchid
F Inyeti's Aira C/B 0/0 SP0
F Ineyti's Avena A/A 0/0 SP0 No murmur
F Inyeti's Alchemilla C/C 0/0 SP2
Last updated: 9.7.2013

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