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D.O.B. 1st July, 2008
COI: 3,67% (6 generations), 4,87% (10 generations)
Pedigree of the litter
Isä: Lv Ch Lv & Ltu JCh LtuJW-07 Malozi Juburu
Emä: Fin & Est & Lv Ch Malozi Inyanga

There are 7 males and 4 females in the litter. 5 of the puppies are ridgeless, 1 male has 4 crowns and 1 has a short ridge.
There are also 2 overbites. All males have normal testicles.
Puppies have moved to new homes.

Nimi HD ED Selkä Muuta
Ifan sivulle U Inyeti's Iftari Short ridge
Iivarin sivulle U Inyeti's Itika A/A 2/2 No spondylosis (06/10) Deceased 2015
Renon sivulle U Inyeti's Ijendu Ridgeless
Jagon sivulle U Inyeti's Iagoo A/A 0/0 8 lumbar vertebras, changes in L7-S1 4 crowns
Zeron sivulle U Inyeti's Isoke Ridgeless
Deceased 2015
Leon sivulle U Inyeti's Isimo A/A 0/0 Slight changes in L7-S1 Overbite, OCD
Iiron sivulle U Inyeti's Ibubesi A/A 1/0 No spondylosis (06/10) Ridgeless
Jaden sivulle N Inyeti's Inaanza A/A 0/0 No spondylosis (06/10) Ridgeless
Ainon sivulle N Inyeti's Imarogbe Ridgeless
Noman sivulle N Inyeti's Ingwe Overbite
Yukin sivulle N Inyeti's Izegbe A/A 0/1 No spondylosis (06/10)

Pictures of the puppies:

Puppy reunion on 28 December, 2008
5-8 weeks old
Inka's puppies 2 weeks old
Inka's puppies 1 week old
Inka's puppies 0-1 week
Inka's puppies first days
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