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Iivari 5 years old

C.I.B Fi & Ee & Lt & Lv & Balt & Aus Ch Ee JCh FinJW-09 NordJW-09 LvW-12

Inyeti's Itika
1.7.2008 - 20.11.2005 (Choroid plexus tumour)
Gender: Male
ED: Pending
Spine: Normal, no spondylosis (Official FKC statement 04/11/2013)
DM: Clear D/D
Bite: Correct scissor bite, missing upper left P3
Height: 67 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Breeder & Owner: Tuuli Viitamaa
In Europe: BIS3-junior
2 X Group 2, 1 X Group 3, 1 X Group 4
3 X BOB-junior, 1 X BOS-junior
2 X BOB-puppy
Qualified to Crufts 2010/2011
In Australia: 1 X Group 1, 2 X Runner-Up In Group
5 X Best Open In Group
13 X BOB
Finished his Australian title in 5 months with limited showing
Offspring in kennel Kushika

Iivari is from Inka's 1st litter. He got he's name, Squeaky-Iivari, already at age 1 day, because he would announce very clearly if something was not the way he wanted it to be: he was cold, he didn't have food (or he just didn't get enough milk out of his teat) etc. The whole town will know, if he is violated by for example vaccinating.

He was the smallest puppy in the litter, who never had the "smallest puppy in the litter"-attitude. He's a Big guy. He's a brave puppy who isn't afraid of people, other dogs, loud noises or crowded places. He likes to play very dominant games, and will try dominate even adult dogs, if they allow it. He will grab them over their shoulder blades and growl, until he is told to get lost. So far he will listen to adult dogs. He's a happy, energetic boy, with his tail constantly wagging.

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