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Inka 3,5 years

Fi & Ee & Lv & Aus Ch EeW-09 BaltW-09

Malozi Inyanga
D.O.B. 8th August, 2005
Gender: Female
ED: 0/0
Spine: Normal (03/2013)
Thyroid: Normal (T4 / TSH, 02/2013)
Bite: Full scissor bite
Height: 66 cm (~26 inches)
Weight: 37 kg (~84 lbs)
Allergy symptoms since 2009, will not be used for breeding again
Temperament tested, LTEP +143 +++
Breeder: Tuija Miettinen / Kennel Malozi
Owners: Tuuli Viitamaa
    Best In Speciality Show
    SKCHR Club Winner 2009
    1 X BIS3
    1 X Group 1, 2 X Group 2, 2 X Group 3
    4 X BOB, 5 X BOS
    6 X CACIB
    Qualified to Crufts 2010

Inka might not be the best lion hunter ever born, but to the modern society, and to me, she is very close to perfection. She is a very nice mix of good self confidence, braveness, stubborness and dignity, but also a nice amount of humbleness, softness and kindness. I would describe her as simple; she's easy to take with me whereever I go, since never makes a fuzz and she can always behave in every situation.

Inka has rock-solid temperament. She is afraid of nothing and no one. She either isn't able to, or doesn't understand, that she should be afraid. She thinks everything is normal. She's not one of a stressful kind. She wants peace with everyone, and never makes a conflict herself, but she tries to solve conflicts and be friends with her own behaviour.

Inka is very social with other dogs. She gets well along with all sizes, sexes, ages and breeds. But even though she will not start a fight, she won't be the one ending it either.

Inka is a small dog packed in a too big body. She is a lapdog, who would like to jump up when she is seeing something that makes her nervous. She's also spoiled rotten, she sleeps on couches and beds, sleeping on the floor is option only if it's very hot.

Inka is just as obedient, as I could have hoped. Even though she tried to become the alfa-dog in the pack even at 7 weeks, she is very sensitive and will obey a clear vocal command. Her obedience in everyday life is almost perfect, she will (almost) always come and she will let go of anything she has in her mouth. But she can also be stubborn, and when she decides to do something, it is very hard to change her mind. For example in agility field, if she has already picked the next jump, there is no way I can get her to another one.

Even though she seems to be a chicken, in tough situations, she is very brave. She faces scary things head on, she won't take a step back, when she meets a scary person or thing. Usually she also wants to go and find out, what is scaring her. But I don't have to be afraid that she would protect me from normal joggers or disabled people, so far she has reacted on for a good reason (if santa is counted as a good reason).

Inka is Eager for food. She'll anything, when ever, where ever and as much that she can. She will steal food, if she gets the chance. When I'm at home, I can leave a steak on the sofa table, and it will be there when I come back from another food, but when I close the door and leave, the only rules that are valid are the rules of the jungle. Finders keepers, losers weepers. She will eat carbage, bread, pasta, rice... She has also opened cupboard doors. On the other hand, she's very easy to motivate and medicate, since she will eat also mineral oils...

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