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Venla's newborn puppies

Venla's puppies were born 18th of July! We have 3 males and 2 females. 2 males and 2 females with correct ridges. One male with a short single crown ridge. Both Venla and the puppies are doing well.

I'm excited about this combination and expect a nice litter of very well moving puppies with excellent sound temperaments.

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Pedigree of the litter (PDF)

Elvis Venla


Ridgedogs In Love With Elvis

D.O.B. 30.11.2013
ED: 0
DM: CLEAR (by parentage)
Haemophilia B: CLEAR
Height: 69cm

I met Elvis in April 2018. He seems like a very laid back male with a good self confidence. He is slightly reserved (as a ridgeback should be) but still outgoing enough for a ridgeback, with no signs of fear or anxiousness. He impressed me greatly and I think his laid back temperament is an excellent choice to Venla.

His size is on the upper end of standard but still within standard. He has an excellent front, balanced angulation and a great movement. I am hoping that he will pass these to his offspring.

Aus Ch

Kushika Break The Ice

D.O.B. 13.5.2015
HD: 0:0
ED: 0:0
Spine: LTV0, SP0, VA0
Heart: No murmur or symptoms of heart failure (by cardiologist 03/18)
DM: CLEAR (by parentage)
Height: 66cm

Out of my ridgebacks, so far Venla has been the most active one. She is a busy bee, sees everything and wants to be involved in everything, and requires activities to keep her away from mischief. She is very smart and will quickly find ways to entertain herself if entertainment is not provided. She learns quickly and loves working with me - she got her first Rally-O leg after only 6 weeks of training.

Venla is very outgoing and curious, she loves people and wants to say hi to everyone. She is also excellent with other dogs - she still gets along with most dogs especially if she is allowed to interact off lead. She doesn't seek conflict, she will rather walk away from trouble.

Due to her business, Venla is also an excellent guard dog. She alerts me of any intruders, but welcomes all friends with a wagging tail. To her friends, she is a loving, cuddly lapdog.

Venla has a balanced conformation with a lot to like, quite good front with balanced rear angulation, good topline and croup. She has an excellent effortless movement.

Elvis Venla
Elvis Venla
Elvis Venla
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