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Jk2 Bh

Moonraker Hurrjanhyvä
Date, place Judge Class Points Price Placement More
27.3.2010, Lieto Ilkka Sten Novice 188p I HP 2nd
13.11.2010, Lieto Ilkka Stén Novice 185p I 5th/td>

Date, place Judge Points Result Placement Titles
12.5.2010, Turku Kauko Mäkinen Behaviour test - Passed Bh
10.9.2011, Rauma Pirjo Kylänpää PAJÄ1 182+80=262 Jk1
08.10.2011, Kuortane Jussi Vaahtoniemi (Tracking), Pentti Rapila (Obedience) PAJÄ2 182+80=262 1. Jk2, RM'11

Temperament test

Turku 7.5.2011

Osio Pisteet
I Capability to function +1 moderate
II Tendency to aggressive behaviour/td> +1 Low without post-attack aggressiveness
III Desire for defence action/td> +3 Moderate, controlled
IV Desire to fight (play) +3 High
V Nerves +1 Tendency to nervousness
VI Temperament +3 Lively/alert
VII Mental hardness +3 Moderately hard
VIII Accessibility +3 Kind, accessible, open
Sound Sensibility +++ Steady to shots
Total 198


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Date, place Judge Class Result
Finland 7.6.2008, Harjavalta (Group) Igor Selimovic, Croatia Junior Exc1 X
Finland 8.6.2008, Tampere (Speciality) Andrea Cucnik, Slovenia Junior Exc2 X
Finland 26.7.2008, Turku (All breed) Soile Bister, Finland Junior G X
Finland 25.1.2009, Turku (International) Des Manton, Ireland Intermediate Vg X
Finland 2.5.2009, Somero (Group) Kirsi Laamanen, Finland Intermediate Vg3 X
Finland 6.6.2009, Aura (Group) August de Wilde, Belgium Open Exc2, Bb3, Res-CAC X
Finland 7.6.2009, Salo (All Breed) Kirsti Louhi, Finland Open G X
Finland 8.8.2009, Turku (All Breed) Anne Sume, Estonia Open Exc3 X
Finland 5.6.2010, Paimio (Speciality Show) Miguel Torrents Open Exc X
Finland 3.7.2010, Forssa (All breed) Anne Sume, Estonia Open Exc4 X
Finland 4.7.2010, Pori (International) Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway Open Exc1, Bb3, Res-CAC X
Finland 19.11.2011, Jyväskylä (International) Juha Putkonen, Finland Working Exc1, CQ X
Finland 20.11.2011, Jyväskylä (International) Pedro Bispo, Portugal Working Vg X
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