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Venla has significantly calmed down now and the pregnancy is clearly visible. Only two weeks to go now!
Venla 7 weeks pregnant


Happy 10th birthday to the I-litter!!
Inka and the I-litter only a few days old


Venla is 6 weeks pregnant. She is enjoying her time, the puppies have clearly grown since last week.
Venla 6 weeks pregnant


Venla's belly has started growing. She is now 5 weeks pregnant.
Venla 5 weeks pregnant


Venla has been confirmed pregnant! We are expecting a medium size litter. Puppies will be born mid July.


Venla was inseminated with Elvis' semen and we are hoping for puppies in July 2018! Stay tuned fr more information. Inquiries welcome.


My breeders prefix, Inyetis, was registered by ANKC and the website has been updated! We lost the apostrophe in the move.. But it's not uncommon to loose little things when moving? lol

Venla now has her own page and our current dogs have been updated. We are planning a litter for her later this year. inquiries are welcome.

Last updated: 9.7.2013

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