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31.12.2009 summary of year 2009

Inka's year, let the results speak for themselves:
She was shown only 10 times, and it resulted:
3 new titles: C.I.B, EstW-09 ja BaltW-09
- Best In Speciality Show in Slovakian RR Club's Speciality Show
- 1 X BIS3
- 2 X Group 2, 1 X Group 3
- 1 X BOS
And all this in 10 shows...

Iivari's year wasn't much less:
3 new titles: Ee JCh, FinJW-09 ja PMJW-09
-2nd place in huge Junior class in Slovakian Speciality show.
-1 X BIS3-junior
-1 X Group 2 (in age of 9 months)
-2 X BOB-Puppy
-2 X CAC (FKC, one of them from FinW-show), 3 x JUN-CAC (EKC)
-10 X Exc (In 12 shows)

What a year! We will take a break and return to shows in summer 2010.

13.12.2009 Nordic Winner 2009

- Iivari EXC1, NordJW-09, CAC

- Yuki EXC

- Inka EXC

What a fantastic weekend! Congratulations to Mirkku for Yuki's success!

12.12.2009 Winner 2009-show in Helsinki

- Iivari EXC1, JW-09

- Yuki EXC1, JW-09, RES-CAC

- Inka EXC

28.11.2009 Sillamäe All Breed

Inka & Iivari were entered to Sillamäe all breed dog show. We got fantastic results:

Iivari Exc2, Bd2
Inka EXC1, BB1, BOB, Group 1, BIS3!
Inka & Iivari BIS3-brace

What a day!! I am looking for pictures from the finals - if you took any, please contact me!

8.11.2009 Tartu international - Day 2

Iivari's full figure after feeding himself the day before.

Iivari's result Exc1, BOS-junior & BD2. Superboy! The breed was judged by Boris Spoljaric from Croatia.

7.11.2009 Tartu international - Day 1

Iivari was entered to Tartu international dog show. Breed entry was 17 (1 absent). Iivari won the junior class with excellent and received his 3rd and final JCAC, which makes him Junior Champion of Estonia!! This is the first title to Inyeti's-puppies. Iivari placed also BOB-junior and Best Dog 2. The breed was judged by Jose Homem De Mello from Portugal.

11.10.2009 World Winner Speciality

The third and last day at WDS-circuit. Another speciality show with entry of approximately 200 dogs. Dogs were judged by Mr Timothy Finney from Ireland and bitches were judged by Mr Franz Zimmermann from Austria.

Iivari gained excellent but didn't place in junior class.

Inka competed in champion class. She won it with excellent and gained another set of CACs: slovakian CAC and club CAC. Today's best bitch & BOS was Malozi Jazua, Iivari's aunt. Mega congrats to Tuija & Jasu's owner Saila!

Thank you Tuija for the trip & Liisa, Kristine, Ilse & co for the great company!

10.10.2009 SKCHR Club Winner 2009

SKCHR Club Winner-speciality show was the second show at ridgeback WDS-circuit. The breed entry was 199. Males + BISS were judged by Mr Franz Zimmermann from Austria and bitches were judged by Mrs Monika Tušanová (Kennel Tusani) from Slovakia.

Iivari's turn was first again. He gained excellent and was placed 2nd in the class. Fantastic, well done

Iivari aloitti jälleen junioriluokassa. Iivari sai erinomaisen, ja oli tuomarin mieleen enemmänkin: siitä kertoo 2. sija isossa luokassa.

Kuva: Ilse Hulsebos

Inka kilpaili jälleen valioluokassa. Inkan tulos oli aivan huikea: Eri1, SK SERT, Club SERT, Club Winner 2009 ja ROP!! Kerrassan huikea voitto, näin isossa näyttelyssä!!

Inka Club Winneriksi valinnan jälkeen, kuva: Ilse Hulsebos

Suuri kiitos kummallekin tuomarille Inkan palkitsemisesta! Erityinen kiitos kuuluu Tuijalle, Inkan kasvattajalle, Inkasta ja siitä, että meille tätä reissua ehdotit!

9.10.2009 World Dog Show 2009

World Dog Show 2009 was held in Bratislava, Slovakia, . The breed entry was HUGE, total 268 Rhodesian Ridgebacks were entered to the show.

Iivari was entered in junior class (class entry 27). Juniors were judged by Mr Erdos Laszlo from Hungary. Iivari gained excellent but didn't place in the big class.

Inka was entered in Champion class (class entry 34). Bitches were judged by Mr Bo Skalin from Sweden. Inka gained excellent, and was picked among the 7 best in the class, but was left without a placement.

22.8.2009 Baltic Winner 2009

We made a trip in Estonia to Baltic Winner 2009-show with both dogs. The breed entry was 31 (2 absent) and the breed was judged by Mrs Ludmila Fintorova from Slovakia.

Iivari got excellent in junior class and he placed 2nd. There were 6 dogs in the class, so very nice. But so close to the 3rd JCAC...

Inka was on show-mood today and she really went to the ring to win. And she really shined there: EXC1, BB1, CACIB, BALTW-09 & BOB!! Later we returned to the show for the group rings and not in vain. Inka was placed 3rd in Group! What a fantastic day and especially dog! =)

Picture by Janica Tanskanen

If anyone has more pictures from the show, I'd love to see them.

9.8.2009 Turku All breed show

Iivari & Yuki entered the Turku all breed show today. The breed entry was 11 and the breed was judged by Ms Zafra Sirik from Israel.

Inyeti's Izegbe "Yuki" EXC1, BB1, CAC, BOS
Yuki winning her 1st CAC & BIG3 at Pöytyä on 18th July, 2009

Inyeti's Itika "Iivari" EXC1, BD2, CAC
Iivari at Pöytyä show on 18th July, 2009

What a day again! Huge congrats, Mirkku & Yuki, on Yuki's great results again!

Pictures from Pöytyä show (July 18th) here.

8.8.2009 Happy birthday, Inka

Happy birthday dear Inka, 4 years young today!

8.8.2009 Turku All breed show

Tikru was in Turku all breed show today. She got a nice critique and her result was Exc3. Breed entry 11 and the breed was judged by Ms Anne Sume from Estonia.

6.8.2009 Inka's C.I.B. confirmed!

Inka's International Champion-title has been confirmed. The diploma arrived from FCI yesterday. Thank you, Tuija, for the Dog of my life!

Inka on holiday
Inka on her well earned summer holiday.

18.7.2009 Pöytyä Group Show

We went to Pöytyä group show with Iivari, Yuki (Inyeti's Izegbe) & the crew. Breed entry was 4 (none absent) and the breed was judged by Mr Esko Nummijärvi.

Iivari's turn was first. Judge would have prefered him to be more developed, so our result today was VG2. Iivari was measured in this show, for the first time in his life. His "official" height is 67 cm. =)

The last in the ring, but definately not least, was Yuki. This was Yuki's first show. Yuki was chosen Best of Breed, and received her first CAC. In group finals, Yuki was chosen 3rd in Group. Fantastic, congratulations owner Mirkku!Yuki was also measured, her height is 62 cm.

Yuki BIG-3 and the proud breeder
Yuki BIG-3 with the proud breeder

2.7.2009 Tikru's official x-ray scores

Tikru's elbow & hip dysplasia scores arrived from FKC. Tikru's hips are HD A/A and elbows ED 0/0. Fantastic! Congratulations, Pirkko!!

1.7.2009 Happy 1st birthday, Inka's Is!!

How time flies... Already it has been a year since Inka's small puppies arrived to this world.

I wish you all - Jade, Aino, Noma, Ifa, Iivari, Reno, Jago, Yuki, Zero, Leo and Iiro - a very happy birthday!

8.6.2009 Tikru's hips etc x-rayed

Tikru's hips, elbows and back were x-rayed today. All is looking good, veterinarian estimated that hips are B-B, elbows 0-0. Back has very mild changes. We are eagerly waiting for the official results.

7.6.2009 Salo All Breed Show

Tikru was entered to Salo All Breed Show today. Unfortunately she was not what the judge was looking for, and our result today was Good. The breed was judged by Mrs Kirsti Louhi from Finland.

6.6.2009 Estonian Winner 2009 + Group show in Aura

Inka and Iivari were entered to today's Estonian Winner show in Tallinn. Breed entry 26 and the breed was judged by Mr John Wauben from The Netherlands.

There were 5 junior males entered, 1 absent. Iivari was today too little develoed for the judge and our result was Vg3.

Out of the 6 Ch bitches entered only 4 were present. Inka won the class, her 5th CACIB. Inka also went Best bitch, which entitles her to the title Estonian Winner 2009. Iivari's uncle Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" was BOB.

We also competed as a brace today, and the result was BOB-brace.

While we were in Tallinn, Tikru & Pirkko entered a group show in Aura. Tikru got excellent, 2nd in class, Bb3 and Res-CAC. So close, good luck tomorrow! the breed was judged by Mr August de Wilde from Belgium.

2.5.2009 Tikru & Pirkko attended Group show in Somero

Tikru was entered today to a group show in Somero, and her result was VG3. The breed was judged by Mrs Kirsi Laamanen and the breed entry was 23. Critique coming later.

30.4.2009 New pictures

Finally the picturs taken after Sillamäe show are online! Check the out here.

18.4.2009 Iivari at Sillamäe national dog show

We drove to Sillamäe all breed show with Sanna & the dogs today. Judge Lessi Tchistjakova from Russia, the breed entry was 4. Iivari went BOB and BOB-junior. He also received his second JCAC, and is missing only one JCAC from his first title, Est JCh. Way to go, Iivari!
This time, we stayed for the finals and it definately was worth waiting for! In BIS-junior competition, Iivari got the 3rd place, over approximately 80 BOB-juniors! In group, he went 2nd in Group. I just couldn't be prouder of my little boy!!

Iivari with his trophies

4.4.2009 Iivari's debute in junior class

Iivari entered official classes today for the first time, and with excellent results: He took his first JCAC and went BOB-junior, in best dog-competition he was awarded 2nd place. Way to go, sweetie!

We didn't stay for the finals this time.

31.3.2009 New website

Site published and ready to run. If you find bugs or errors, please let me know so I can fix them as soon as possible. The galleries aren't yet working - but I'll start working on them soon.

If you are still seeing parts of the old website, refreshing should help.

28.3.2009 FCI confirmed Kennelname Inyeti's

After a long wait, almost a year, I have finally received evidence that I am really getting a kennel name - A bill from FKC for kennel name Inyeti's. Inyeti's was my first choice for a kennelname, í-nyetí is moonlight in swazi. This, of course, comes from Inka's registered name - Inyanga - which is moon.

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