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News 2010

31.12.2010 Happy new year

We wish everyone, especially our friends and all the Inyeti's puppies & their families, a Happy New Year 2011!

07-08.11.2010 Iivari in Tartu international

Iivari was in Tartu International Dog Show and gained the following results:
Saturday: Exc1, BD1, CAC (-> Est Ch), Cacib, BOB, Group3 (Judge: Božena Ovesna, CZ)
Sunday: Exc1, BD1, Cacib, BOB, Group4 (Tuomari: Jos de Cuyper, Belgia)

Well done, Goofy boy!

17.09.2010 One left us..

Unfortunately we lost one of the brindle females. Other puppies and Tikru are fine.

15.09.2010 Tikru's puppies are here!

Tikru's puppies were born! There are 4 males and 4 females in the litter. 6 brindles and 2 fawn (one of each gender). No kink tails or other defects found yet.

15.-16.07.2010 Tikru has been mated!

Tikru has been mated successfully. We are expecting the puppies to be born in week 37.

12.07.2010 More X-ray resultsLisää kuvaustuloksia

Yuki and Iiro were x-rayed with Iivar and their results came back from The Finnish Kennel Club: Iiro (I. Ibubesi) HD A/A, ED 1/0
Yuki (I. Izegbe) HD A/A, ED 0/1
Both had also their spines x-rayed, and both were normal! I am proud of you!

04.07.2010 Pori International Dog Show

The sunny weekend continued in Pori International with following result:
Iivar Exc1, BD3, CAC (--> Fi Ch!)
Yuki Vg1 (Ridgebacks were judged by Hassi Assenmacher, Germany)
Tikru Exc1, Bb3, Res-CAC (Judge: Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway)

Iivar is the first Inyeti's Champion, and only 2 days after they reached the minimal age!

03.07.2010 Forssa All Breed Dog Show

We spent a lovely sunny day in Forssa with following results:
Iivar Vg2
Yuki Exc1, Bb2, Res-CAC (Ridgebacks were judged by Arvi Ellmén, Finland)
Tikru Exc4 (Judge: Anne Sume, Estonia)

01.07.2010 Happy 2nd birthday, I-litter!

Happy birthday Jade, Aino, Noma, Ifa, Iivari, Reno, Jago, Yuki, Zero, Leo ja Iiro!

23.06.2010 Iivari's X-ray reults

Iivari's hips, elbows and spine were x-rayed and we got the results from the Finnish Kennel Club:
Hips HD A/A
Elbows ED 2/2
The spine x-rays were not officially evaluated, but no changes were found.

17.05.2010 Updates

Updates are up to date! The sire of Tikru's litter has been published - Check the litters page for more information!

12.05.2010 BH Moonraker Hurrjanhyvä!

Tikru & Pirkko passed the BH-test in Turku today. Congratulations to both, well done!

12.03.2010 Jago's x-ray results

Jago's turn was next and his official results are:

Inyeti's Iagoo HD A/A, ED 0/0

Fantastic! Congratulations to Jago's owners!

03.02.2010 First official x-ray results

We have the first official X-ray results! Inka's son Leo was x-rayed and the results are:

Inyeti's Isimo HD A/A, ED 0/0

Congratulations to Leo's owners!

23.1.2010 Puppyplans & Computer problems

Due to my problems with the computer there is quite much to update, but I will try to catch up as soon as possible!

We are planning puppies to Tikru. Check the Litters-page for more information!

Tikrulle on suunnitteilla pentue syksyksi 2010. Lisää tietoa pentuesivuilta!

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