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30.10.2012 Puppies still available!

Due to cancellations there are puppies still available. Please contact us for more information.

22.09.2012 Tikru's puppies born!

Tikru's puppies have been born! We got 3 males (1 fawn + 2 brindle) and 2 females (1 fawn + 1 brindle). 1 fawn female was stillborn. All puppies have very little white and no defaults have been detected so far.

23.07.2012 Tikru has been confirmed pregnant

Tikru came to the clinic today and it was confirmed that she is pregnant! We are expecting puppies to be born in week 38.

23.07.2012 Tikru has been mated

Tikru has been successfully mated! The breeding was natural. More info coming shortly!

08.07.2012 Karjaa International

Iivari and Inka attended Karjaa Internationa Dog Show. Breed entry 19, judge Mrs Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner from Austria. Iivari's result today Exc1, CQ, BD2, Res-CACIB. Inka's result in the big champion class was EXC2, CQ, BB4.

12.05.2012 Tampere KV

Iivar was entered in Tampere international dog show. Judge was Mrs Elizabeth Walmsley from Australia. Iivar's result today was VG3, he was the best champion that was awarded vg.

18.03.2012 Latvian Winner 2012

We drove to Riga to Latvian Winner 2012 show. Ridgeback breed entry was 20 and the breed was judged by Mr Jan Coppens from Netherlands. After a tough competition Iivar won the Champion Class and the Best Male competition, hitting a Jackpot:

  • Iivar becomes Latvian Winner 2012

  • Iivar received a Latvian CAC and as he already is Estonian and Lithuanian Champion, this makes him Latvian and Baltic Champion!
  • Iivar received his 6th and last CACIB that is needed for the International Champion title! Iivar is the first Inyeti's dog to finish the International Champion title.

I have no words to express how I feel. So you will just have to guess. ;)

31.01.2012 We have moved to Finland!

We have moved back to Turku. The new address has been updated on the front page!

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